myCNC-ET10 kit
  • myCNC-ET10 kit

myCNC-ET10 kit

myCNC-ET10 control board with ET10BB breakout board and connectors set

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Ethernet CNC control board ET10 specification:

  • 6x pulse-dir 3MHz motor outputs with closed-loop features
  • 6x +-10V DAC outputs for analogue servos control with closed loop
  • 6x incremental encoder inputs (or optional 16 binary inputs 5V/RS422 compatible)
  • 48 galvanic isolated binary inputs (PNP & NPN compatible)
  • 24 open collector outputs
  • 4 open collector PWM outputs
  • 8 ADC inputs (0...5V)
  • 2x RS485 bus with Modbus ASCII/RTU implementation
  • Ethernet connection to host computer (PC/ARM, Linux, MS Windows)

myCNC control software available for MS Windows 32 and 64 bit, x86 Linux 32 and 64 bit, ARM Linux 32 and 64 bit. myCNC download page is here

Single board computer specifications:

  • Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB version)
  • Passive heatsink attached
  • Power cable provided
  • SD card with the configured software plugged in

Industrial PC specifications:

PC specifications:

  • CPU Intel Celeron 3205U (Ultra-low power, 2 Core 1500MHz),
  • Passive heatsink,
  • 4G RAM,
  • 32G SSD,
  • 2x LAN ports,
  • WiFi capabilities out of the box,
  • 4 USB ports


Data sheet

Built-in THC
Binary Inputs (Isolated)
Binary outputs (open collector)
ADC inputs
Incremental Encoder Inputs
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