We are a company located in Ottawa, Canada, formed by a group of electrical and software engineers who have been developing CNC controllers and software for CNC profile cutting machines since 1996. Our system is used by one of the leaders for metal cutting and welding equipment in the Eastern European market, as well as by hundreds of milling, plasma and oxy-fuel machines around the world.

 myCNC Project

In 2008, we started the myCNC project. This electronic package for CNC control aims to be the most feature-rich and complete package for any and all CNC needs, with an array of for customization options that should fit the requirements of every customer. The myCNC project is always expanding and growing in order to allow for maximum flexibility as the newest CNC technologies and techniques become available.The myCNC package includes:

  • PC based CNC control software suitable for CNC cutting tables, routers, mills, lathes, engraving, tangential knives and other types of machinery. The control software is multi-platform, and is currently available for MS Windows and Linux (Mac OS and Android ports currently under development);
  • Arc Voltage-based torch height control system (THC);
  • Initial height control system (IHC);
  • Multi axes motion controller and PLC controller integrated into one board with a USB, Ethernet or RS485 connection to the Host PC (currently, myCNC-ET6,  myCNC-ET7 and myCNC-ET10 boards are available);
  • A CNC Vision camera system with automatic calibration and shift/rotation compensation on imported files;
  • Support for multitools and automatic tool change;
  • A fly-cut option for laser cutting machines which allow to dramatically increase the cutting speed without sacrificing precision;
  • A comprehensive shape library, cut charts, tool radius and kerf compensation, and DXF import included in the myCNC software, as well as a number of other features

 Our Vision

Our passion lies in developing high-quality equipment that allows our customers to take full control of their machines. With a commitment to quality and long-term support of the myCNC project, we plan to continue innovating and expanding our existing product lines, as well as creating new exciting tools for CNC shops around the world.