myCNC-ET7 control board top view
  • myCNC-ET7 control board top view

myCNC-ET7 kit

myCNC-ET7 - CNC controller board

Information about ET7

Computer: No computer
Screen: No screen
Pendant: No pendant
Keyboard panel: No keyboard

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Ethernet CNC control board ET7 specification:

  • 6 motor outputs.
  • pulse-dir 3MHz with optional closed-loop
  • 3 incremental encoder inputs (or optional 6 binary inputs RS422 compatible)
  • 16 galvanic isolated binary inputs (PNP & NPN compatible)
  • 5 relay outputs
  • 11 open collector outputs
  • 3 open collector PWM outputs
  • 8 ADC inputs (0...5V)
  • 2x RS485 with Modbus ASCII/RTU implementation
  • Ethernet connection to host computer (PC/ARM, Linux, MS Windows)

Single board computer specifications:

  • Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB version)
  • Passive heatsink attached
  • Power cable provided
  • SD card with the configured software plugged in

Industrial PC specifications:

PC specifications:

  • CPU Intel Celeron 3205U (Ultra-low power, 2 Core 1500MHz),
  • Passive heatsink,
  • 4G RAM,
  • 32G SSD,
  • 2x LAN ports,
  • WiFi capabilities out of the box,
  • 4 USB ports

Data sheet

Built-in THC
Binary Inputs (Isolated)
Binary outputs (open collector)
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